RedVector Industrial Libraries

HEALTH, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT - 100+ courses on plant safety considerations, working conditions, procedures for safe use of personal and plant equipment
POWER GENERATION - 220+ courses on components, safe operation and proper maintenance of electric power generation, control, transformation, transmission and distribution lines and equipment, pollution control and safety, boilers, turbines, combined cycle, steam cycle, coal handling, environmental protection, heat transfer, water treatment, startup/shutdown, feedwater systems and furnaces
TRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION - 170+ courses on transmission and distribution systems, individual component installation and maintenance, overhead line distribution, overhead line transmission and underground line maintenance
MECHANICAL MAINTENANCE - 180+ courses on common mechanical components, routine and preventative maintenance procedures, common tools, rigging procedures, measurements, fasteners, tolerances, alignment, lubrication and vibration management, bearings, drive components, pumps, compressors, valves, piping and other mechanical systems
ELECTRICAL MAINTENANCE - 200+ courses on safety considerations, electrical implications of machine and equipment assignments, electrical schematics, motors and control systems, test equipment, troubleshooting rotating and static systems and continuous improvement
ELECTRONICS - 220+ courses on electronics, instrumentation, power generation, set-up, diagnosis, troubleshooting, repair, process variable monitoring, process control data and communication
MULTI-CRAFT - 290+ courses on procedures for troubleshooting problems in maintenance equipment, industrial system diagrams, basic construction of conductors, lighting, heating, cooling, security, fire protection, water and waste water
LABORATORY TECHNICIAN - 100+ courses on inorganic chemistry, Boolean algebra, refrigeration systems, weighing and measuring techniques, atomic absorption, safe lab environment, industrial laboratory operations and processes, lab tech and workplace fundamentals
INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROL - 240+ courses on process variables, direct-read instruments, elements of control systems, sensors, transmitters, recorders, controllers, final control elements, basic control loops, continuous process and PLCs
PROCESS OPERATIONS & MAINTENANCE - 200+ courses on handling of bulk liquids, storage tanks, process solubility, environmental awareness, temperature and pressure measurement, distillation and reaction rates
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - 130+ courses on leadership, management, finance, compliance, communication, time management and sexual harassment

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