Mississippi Engineer Continuing Education Requirements

License Renewal Information for Mississippi Engineers

  • 15 PDH due December 31st annually 
  • 15 PDH required
  • 1 PDH of Ethics training every two years, excess ethics PDH may not be carried forward.
Mississippi engineer requirements

Mississippi PE PDH Approval

The Mississippi State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors will not pre-approve courses. The courses for this profession offered by RedVector have been reviewed to meet technical requirements for a Professional Engineer. It is the licensee's responsibility to verify that the course material meets their specific scope of practice and criteria required by the Board.
Dual Registrants: Those registered as a professional engineer and professional land surveyor, are required to obtain 18 hours of continuing education. At least 1/3 of these required 18 hours must be obtained in each profession. A maximum of 18 PDH may be carried forward into the subsequent renewal period.

Contact Information:
MS Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Surveyors

660 North Street, Suite 400, Jackson, MS 39202
Mississippi launch Requirements Website

Proof of Completion for Mississippi Engineer Continuing Education

The responsibility of maintaining records to be used to support credits claimed is the responsibility of the licensee.