Transfer Knowledge and Elevate Performance: Add Online Training to Your Mix

If you aren't taking steps to “blend” your training, you aren't making the most of your time or your budget or utilizing the most effective approach to learning and development. Blended learning combines traditional training methods such as instructor-led sessions, conferences/seminars, and textbooks with online courses within a Learning Management System (LMS).

By utilizing a combination of online and instructor-led training, or a “blended learning” approach, RedVector clients are cutting training costs, improving the ability to report on the productivity of training initiatives and helping their students absorb information better as a whole.

The RedVector Online University Solution includes a number of features developed to support your blended learning efforts:
  • Convenient, 24/7 access to RedVector online courses and your proprietary courses
  • Ability to upload outside training records into your RedVector LMS, creating a single course for all of your training documentation
  • An Instructor-Led training module allows you to schedule ILT sessions and manage student registration
  • Easy-to-use competency assessment tool helps you to analyze your employee’s skills gaps and develop effective learning plans
Blending traditional training with online coursework is proving to be a successful recipe for many organizations given the growth in online training. Process and procedural training has been proven to work very well in an online format as shown by gains in…
  • The number of learners who achieve ‘mastery’ level and / or ‘pass’ exams
  • Learners’ ability to apply new knowledge or processes on the job
  • Long-term retention of information