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RedVector is proud to offer concrete training created in partnership with the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

Essentials of Quality Concrete

This course provides an overview of concrete, including its properties and basic components, the properties required for plastic and hardened concrete, and the variables that influence the quality of concrete. It will discuss some of the mechanical and durability characteristics required of concrete for various applications. The materials used in concrete mixtures, including portland cement, supplementary cementitious materials, aggregates, water and air will be discussed along with the general concepts of proportioning concrete mixtures. This course will introduce admixtures and explain their purpose. It explores air entraining and water reducing admixtures, accelerators and retarders, as well as other "value added" admixtures. This course also provides the basics of troubleshooting concrete slabs, such as workability, place-ability, finish-ability, and causes for cracking and other defects in concrete.

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Handling, Placing, and Finishing Concrete

This course is an overview of the proper methods and procedures for transporting, placing and finishing concrete. The material covers transporting, forms, placement tips, concrete conveying devices, and curing concrete, as well as precautions for hot and cold weather concreting. It briefly discusses some problems associated with improper construction practices that can result in cracking, scaling and other defects in the finished structure.

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Understanding Concrete's Environmental Advantage

This course will take a detailed look at the many environmental advantages of ready mix concrete and how it is playing a growing role in green building design and construction. Participants will come away with a better understanding of how ready mix concrete can be used to minimize the environmental impact associated with construction and day-to-day building operations. They will be introduced to the life cycle methodology and shown how ready mix concrete contributes to earning LEED certification.

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Concrete Standards and Requirements

This course is a review of the Specification for Ready Mixed Concrete, ASTM C94, and discusses the aspects of ordering concrete, production, delivery and testing. It covers the responsibilities of the purchaser and the manufacturer of ready mixed concrete. The second part of the course covers the Building Code requirements for concrete materials (ACI 318) and covers specifications for concrete as addressed in ACI 301, Specification for Structural Concrete. The presentation covers strength and durability requirements for concrete as addressed in ACI 318 and ACI 301.

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Designing and Specifying Pervious Concrete

This two-hour webcast provides an overview on implementing pervious concrete pavements as a solution to reducing stormwater runoff from building sites and other paved areas. Participants will learn about pervious concrete pavement systems, engineering properties and construction techniques. The first hour discusses hydrologic and structural design of pervious concrete pavements. The second hour addresses the specifics that every specifier should consider when drafting pervious concrete specifications, with a focus on American Concrete Institute (ACI) Committee 522 Guide to Specification for Pervious Concrete.

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