Take Control of Your Learning and Development

RedVector offers an all-in-one learning and talent management system designed to meet the needs and challenges of today’s modern learners. Combined with RedVector’s best-in-class training content, this platform gives organizations a robust solution for managing safety, compliance, career development, licenses/credentials and much more.

Assess, Manage and Develop Learning and Talent

Begin your journey to develop and retain talent and improve performance here. Assess knowledge and skills in order to deliver targeted, engaging eLearning. Plus, manage/report training with flexibility and ease.

1. Assess

  • Self Assessments
  • Competency Assessments

2. Manage

  • Credential Management
  • Tracking & Reporting on Learning Goals

3. Develop

  • Custom Course & Programs with Badging
  • Social Collaboration for Knowledge Transfer
  • Multi-Skill Training (Cross-Training)

“Approximately 54% of organizations who have invested in learning technology have seen improvements in productivity and engagement. 91% of these organizations also reported a stronger link between learning and organizational performance.”

The RedVector Learning Management System

learning management system