License Renewals

RedVector LicenseSure

The License Renewal Service for Engineers & Architects

Maintaining professional licensure in multiple states can be time-consuming and confusing. Each licensing board has its own license renewal deadline and a unique set of rules regarding continuing education (CE) completion requirements. Let RedVector take on the headache of ensuring annual licensing continuity with our popular LicenseSure License Renewal and CE Tracking Service.

What is the RedVector LicenseSure Service?

The RedVector LicenseSure Service is a value-added service provided exclusively for licensed professionals in the engineering and architecture industries to help them renew their current licenses, meet board-mandated continuing education requirements, and ensure annual continuity.

What exactly does the RedVector LicenseSure Service offer?

  • Timely license renewal document acquisition and preparation
  • Continuing education rule verification
  • Continuing education consulting
  • Online journal access
  • Records management
  • Email reminders (prior to License expiration for each license)
  • Alternate education records retention
  • Electronic document retention
  • Client support center with toll-free access
  • Access to a dedicated RedVector License Manager
  • Audit consulting
  • On time every time guarantee

How do I learn more about LicenseSure? 

Contact a RedVector Educational Advisor directly at 1-800-471-5144 or email

Why RedVector? 

As the leading provider of quality, accredited online continuing education for design and construction professionals, RedVector is dedicated to providing the tools you need to advance your career and stay competitive in a continually evolving industry.