Jeff Gordon, CEO

Vector Solutions’ Chief Executive Officer Jeff Gordon has spent his career driving real-time intelligence solutions that enable growth for businesses. With over 20 years of experience growing companies and innovating the way we work and live, he is a leader in the technology and software industry, recognized by IBM and holds seven U.S. technology patents.

He has a passion for creating software that changes the way people interact with knowledge and the world. As a strong believer in customer focus, operational excellence and innovation, he also places tremendous value on employees, simultaneously coaching and challenging them to reach full potential.

Before joining Vector Solutions, Gordon was a key member of the launch team for PCS PrimeCo, which became an integral part of today’s Verizon Wireless. He also contributed significantly to the growth of Convergys, and then continued that success as the CEO of Syniverse, overseeing and driving significant company growth, including the largest acquisition in Syniverse’s history.