Sustainable Design & Green Building
Knight Cities Challenge features landscape architecture finalist


News Summary: When it comes to landscape architecture, engineers aim to construct new public areas and repurpose them with green infrastructure to improve the surrounding environment.

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Project Management
Internet of Things holds new possibilities for facilities teams


News Summary: A modern-day facility using the Internet of Things could include sensors connected to security systems, fire control measures, HVAC equipment and energy meters.

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Civil Engineering
Is wind energy the solution to green power production?


News Summary: From extreme weather conditions caused by global warming to depleting natural resources for energy, the power generation industry has become more focused on sustainable processes.

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Construction & Trades
What kind of job outlook can engineers expect in 2015?


News Summary: Architecture and design positions can experience high and low demands like any other industry, but recent reports showed that gains are on the horizon for these engineers.

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Risk Management
Hospital construction demands extra caution


News Summary: Every construction project comes with its own set of challenges, but there are some issues that can be anticipated based on what's being built. In the medical industry, there are many concerns that require close attention and precision during the building process.

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What makes safety training so important for oil and gas extraction?


News Summary: Workplace regulations on safety training and protocols are critical for companies in ranging industries, including oil and gas extraction.

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Professional Development
Why should AEC employees learn about Microsoft Office?


News Summary: Working in the AEC industry means interacting with and using complex systems, such as building information modeling software.

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