"This distinctive certification demonstrates SwedishAmerican Health System's commitment to providing our community with a safe and environmentally friendly facility where occupants can receive treatment and work," Glen Evans, director of facility planning, design and construction for SwedishAmerican Glenn, told the source. "All who were a part of this project should take pride in this accomplishment."

As part of the Joining Forces initiative, a program established by the White House that aims to assist returning veterans with their basic needs, more than 100 construction companies have pledged to hire 100,000 veterans over the next five years. According to The Washington Post, while the incentive is ultimately to provide well-deserving men and women with jobs that are suited to their strengths, the business owners are aware of how beneficial it will be to have these individuals join their ranks.

As preparations for the Winter Olympic Games continue, construction zones that were once largely unfinished are nearing completion. However, some of the remaining structures meant for housing tourists, such as hotels and inns situated near the stadium, could still use some work. Although ABC News reported thatthe organizers for the games are optimistic about the timeline, there are still large gaps in construction. 

The citizens of Minnesota and its capital city of Saint Paul have a desire to see a new ballpark built that would become the home of the St. Paul Saints. Once finished, the 7,000-seat Lowertown Ballpark would serve as a venue for professional and amateur baseball games, according to the facility's website.

Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force releases construction recommendations. The one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy is approaching and the powerful storm has not been forgotten. Many construction professionals have been very busy since Sandy wreaked havoc on several coastal communities in the Northeast in late Oct. 2012.