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BIM continues to show success in construction industry


When it comes to designing and constructing new facilities, building information modeling systems contribute valuable data for engineers to assess existing plans for safety reasons. In addition, BIM helps companies complete projects faster, as the building can be mapped out as soon as possible.

These benefits were recently put on display at the new Mercy Hospital Joplin in Joplin, Missouri.

Rebuilding the facility after catastrophe
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that on May 22, 2011, the EF-5 tornado destroyed the original hospital, formerly St. John's Mercy Regional Medical Center. It was the deadliest tornado in the U.S. since 1947, when Woodward, Oklahoma, was hit with a storm that produced six tornadoes that stretched more than 220 miles, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The $465 million facility, with 205 private rooms for patients will open on March 22 and will set the standard for tornado readiness at hospitals. A group of construction managers had assessed the overall damage from the tornado and aimed to rebuild St. John's by early 2015. Not only did they complete the assignment under budget, but did so in less than half the time needed for similar facilities.

The new hospital was built twice as fast with the help of BIM systems.The new hospital was built twice as fast with the help of BIM systems.

Mercy Hospital clocks in at 890,000 square feet and includes a nine-story patient tower and five-story clinical tower complete with surgical wings, critical care units, neonatal intensive care and rehabilitation centers. To move quickly with the assignment, the developers utilized BIM software to avoid potential problems later down the road. This process allowed the team to accelerate construction by tackling smaller projects, such as building headwalls and restroom walls, before the facility was finished and installed them afterward.

Using BIM has become an important trend in the design and construction industry, as mapping out 3-D landscapes improves safety preparations and facility management.

Reviewing the new trends in BIM
?According to Business 2 Community, business analysts predicted that the tech industry would experience considerable changes due to 3-D and BIM products. Several trends were identified that would impact the design sector and facilitate projcets in the future.

"3-D improves the BIM mapping process."

For example, Business 2 Community noted that affordable 3-D laser scanning will produce field-accurate information, which would help designers improve their BIM systems. With these plans relying on specific schematics to map out building designs, 3-D laser scanning will bolster outcomes and enhance safety. In addition, cloud-based data management will improve collaboration among construction teams as they manage and share information on the go with designers.