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Upcoming trends for the facilities management industry


In an age where technology is constantly progressing, many industries are evolving at rapid rates. The facilities management field is no exception - the sector is perpetually adapting and developing to meet modern standards and growing demand. According to a recent study issued by the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences, facilities management companies need to stay on top of trends in order to remain both competitive and relevant. A number of movements have already begun to define the field's standards for 2015. 

Smart buildings 
According to Office Space, one of the most recent trends in the facilities management world is the introduction of smart buildings for commercial purposes. These structures are designed to work with facilities management professionals to help make their jobs more streamlined. The source explained that these technologically advanced structures can actually send alerts to facilities when their programming is anticipating equipment failures. Additionally, they can send reminders to facilities managers to perform regular maintenance checks. This type of management assistance will likely redefine industry standards and allow professionals to do their jobs with incredible accuracy. 

New trends in the facilities management field are expected to streamline and redefine the sector as a whole. New trends in the facilities management field are expected to streamline and redefine the sector as a whole.

Increased mobility 
Another trend that is becoming increasingly pervasive throughout the facilities management world is the use of mobile technology. Accruent explained that while facilities managers have always been somewhat mobile due to the on-the-go nature of their professions, the ubiquity of mobile devices has recently revolutionized and streamlined communication in the field. While previously facilities professionals had to wait until they were in the office or on their home computer to find out about issues or respond to inquiries, they can now take care of business quickly and efficiently via smartphones and tablets. 

"Facilities will start to work closely with other sectors."

Cross-departmental collaboration
As the facilities industry moves toward more digital systems and equipment, it's only natural that these departments will work more closely with other sectors, specifically information technology teams. Office Space explained that a new wave of integrating these departments in the training phase has helped businesses improve communication and efficiency. This union works well because facilities managers have in-depth industry knowledge, while IT workers have expertise from a technical perspective. The source explained that modern facilities management professionals have also been working more closely with human resources departments. Facilities and HR typically collaborate to make sure conditions are conducive to high productivity and mobile working.