Professional Development Courses for Engineers and Other Professionals

In a special report, Forbes described education and training as primary predictors of an organization’s success and found that high-performance companies spend significantly more on training than average. Join those elite organizations that have made training a priority by taking the steps to assess and improve your employees’ skill sets and enrich their careers. To help you educate, develop and retain your workforce, RedVector offers more than 220 professional development courses for engineers and other professionals. Topics covered include leadership, time management, finance, compliance, sexual harassment, communication and more.

Professional Development Facts

1) Approximately 40% of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year.
2) A lack of soft skills (defined as the interpersonal traits that characterize your relationships with other people) has been cited as a major contributor to engineering project failures. Industry studies put the failure rate as high as 70%.

Professional Development Course Sample

Recruit, Retain and Develop Talent with Engineering Professional Development Courses

People in the market for jobs often ask themselves, 'who can help me get to the next level?,' and progressive organizations have adjusted training packages and incentives accordingly, implementing a variety of programs for professional and technical development. RedVector’s exclusive engineering professional development courses included in the “AEC Success Training Series” were created to help design and construction professionals advance business development and sales skills, become better decision-makers, and improve time management capabilities. When technical skills aren’t enough, this series provides coverage on necessary “soft skills” training topics. These video, audio-driven and mobile-ready professional development courses for engineers cover working through blocks, networking, prioritizing effectively and setting clear goals.