Total Productive Maintenance

Total Productive Maintenance Training

Total Productive Maintenance training and programs have been proven to help workers (from plant-floor employees to senior executives) incorporate maintenance into the everyday performance of the facility, detect developing problems earlier, "mistake-proof" equipment and reduce breakdowns.

Exploring Total Productive Maintenance

TPM is an innovative maintenance approach, which optimizes overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). TPM is not a specific maintenance policy but a culture, a philosophy and a new attitude towards overall maintenance and reliability.

The primary features of TPM are the involvement of operators carrying out autonomous maintenance by participating in cleaning, lubrication, housekeeping, minor-repairs, adjustments, etc.

TPM Roadmap/Flowchart

Follow the TPM roadmap to see if your facility is prepared for a TPM program, or learn new ways to move your existing program forward.

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RedVector's Total Productive Maintenance Training Courses

Total Productive Maintenance Course

Preview courses from RedVector’s TPM training online. These courses demonstrate the goals, methods and benefits of TPM, including maximizing the effectiveness of production equipment, and reducing breakdowns.

Total Productive Maintenance Training

Total Productive Maintenance Online Training

Total Productive Maintenance Training Courses

Measuring the Effectiveness of a TPM Program

The main objective of TPM is to increase the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of plant equipment. So, many organizations use OEE as a measuring parameter for TPM effectiveness.

Measuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Performance x Availability x Quality = OEE

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