RedVector RV-PGM172

Smart Customer Service: Courtesies, Attitude, Ethics and Listening for Understanding

Smart Customer Service: Courtesies, Attitude, Ethics and Listening for Understanding

1 hr. Program

Level: Fundamental

Item#: RV-PGM172

SME: Anonymous

This two part course discusses Smart Customer Service.  
Part One is designed to help you understand how to present yourself well at all times.  You’ll learn how to conduct yourself in first impression situations, speak and act courteously at all times, maintain a positive attitude, and act ethically and fairly with every customer you meet. 
Part Two is designed to help you improve your listening skills so that you will be able to interact well with all your customers, whether you handle them face-to-face or by telephone.   
Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:


  • Identify the components that make up a good first impression, including appearance, attitude, and body language
  • Discuss the importance and impacts of practicing basic courtesies that will convey respect and consideration toward your customers
  • Identify the elements that make up a good attitude, such as showing appreciation, believing yourself, and being open-minded
  • Explain the importance of conducting yourself in an ethical manner
  • Identify external and internal barriers to communicating with your customers
  • Discuss techniques, such as listening actively and attentively, to help interpret customer requests correctly
  • Describe nonverbal listening strategies to communicate attentiveness and interest to the speaker
  • Explain ways to check for understanding, such as recapping, asking questions, and summarizing to ensure you interpreted the customer’s message correctly
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