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Use RedVector’s online maintenance training to ensure your maintenance professionals have the required knowledge and skills to keep equipment in safe, working order.

Maintenance and Reliability Training

RedVector’s industrial maintenance training curriculums are designed to enhance essential knowledge of theory, systems, equipment, instrumentation, conditions and safety procedures. Plus, improve performance and reduce downtime with preventative maintenance training programs. Finally, deliver your training through RedVector’s best-in-class learning management system to better manage safety, compliance, career development, licenses/credentials and much more.

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Ways to Stay Safe, Sound and Certified

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Training Courses & Topics

With engaging, interactive training content, have peace of mind that your employees are up to date with maintenance best practices, technologies, codes and standards and more.

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Tour our award-winning learning management system and SaaS-based performance support solutions for tracking, reporting and consuming online content.

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RedVector support begins with your account manager, a dedicated professional who works with you to ensure that your training goals are met and that compliance and licensing requirements are fulfilled.

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Take Your Maintenance Training to Another Dimension!

Train your team on critical maintenance theory, systems, equipment, instrumentation, conditions and safety procedures. RedVector's maintenance training curriculum includes 400+ courses and immerses learners in virtual scenarios using powerful 3D animation and models.

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Earn the Reliability and Maintainability Implementation Certification

Established by the University of Tennessee in 1996, the Reliability and Maintainability Center (RMC) is a unique industry/academia partnership dedicated to improving productivity, efficiency, safety, and profitability. The RMC exists to advance reliability and maintenance education and practices within the academic and industrial communities.

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Maintenance Training Topics

From predictive and preventative maintenance programs to Total Productive Maintenance training and essential plant maintenance courses, we offer your team members the information they’ll need to succeed.

  • 5S
  • Vibration
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Electrical

  • Pumps
  • Osha /Safety
  • Compressors
  • Shafts

  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Hydraulics
  • Pipes and Valves
  • NEC

Maintenance Training Resources

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Unlock the Hidden Value of Preventative Maintenance

Learn how to prevent unplanned downtime, avoid rush orders and sidestep large-scale repairs with a solid preventative maintenance (PM) program. In the case of an automotive production plant, a PM program reduced downtime from 300 hours annually to 25 hours.

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Skill-Based Pay Can Eliminate Skills Gaps

Today, with 79% of manufacturing recruiters finding it difficult to fill open job roles because of skill gaps, skill-based pay (SBP) programs are making a resurgence. In fact, half of Fortune 1000 companies are using skill-based compensation to train, retain and reward workers. In this infographic, learn how to bridge skills gaps by establishing your own SBP program.

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