RedVector RVLS-2804

CISSP: 22 - Recovery Strategies

CISSP: 22 - Recovery Strategies

1.5 hrs. Online Course

Level: Fundamental

Item#: RVLS-2804

SME: Tom Carpenter

This CISSP course covers how to recover from incidents that may occur from a security incident to a disaster scenario. We discuss the important aspects of incident management as well as strategies involving disaster recovery and Business Continuity Planning. This course will help you know how to detect and respond to the incident as well as implement important processes to protect your organization’s property and data.
Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • perform incident management, disaster recovery strategies and BCP (Business Continuity Planning), which maps to CISSP objectives 7.7, 7.11, 7.12, 7.13 and 7.14
  • carry out the component parts of the incident management process: detection and response recovery as well as reporting remediation mitigation and lessons learned
  • address the need for backup storage, recovery sites, multiple processing sites and system resilience
  • implement business continuity exercises along with disaster recovery processes