RedVector OSHA10-8

OSHA 10 Hour Construction: Module 08 - Excavations

OSHA 10 Hour Construction: Module 08 - Excavations

0.5 hr. Online Course

Level: Fundamental

Item#: OSHA10-8

SME: Dan Johnson, CSP (SFI Compliance Inc.)

This course has been discontinued
The fatality rate from cave-ins and other excavation-related accidents is more than twice as high as the rate for general construction work, but the OSHA standards provide a guide to greatly reducing the risks associated with digging operations. Learn the basics about OSHA’s excavation and trenching regulations in this informative and potentially life-saving module.

OSHA recommends Outreach Training Program courses as an orientation to occupational safety and health for workers.  Workers must receive additional training, when required by OSHA standards, on the specific hazards of their job.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the lesson, participants will be able to:


  • State the greatest risk that is present at an excavation.
  • Briefly describe the three main methods for protecting employees from cave-ins.
  • Name at least three factors that pose a hazard to employees working in excavations, and at least one way to eliminate or reduce each of the hazards.
  • Describe the role of a competent person at an excavation site.