RedVector RVLS-2243

A+ 2016: Networking-Network Wi-Fi

A+ 2016: Networking-Network Wi-Fi

1.75 hrs. Online Course

Level: Intermediate

Item#: RVLS-2243

SME: Anonymous

Every day we see improvements and innovations in technology. Telephones and computers can be operated without any need for a wired connection; instead, all you need is an antenna and receiver, and a wireless protocol compliant device to send and receive signals. It has become all the more important to make sure security loopholes are plugged and secure communication is enabled. This course on network WiFi covers the types of WiFi standards, their origin, and the security involved with these WiFi networks. This course also covers both the physical and wireless aspects of a network, such as wire, switches and routers as well as the different types of wireless access points and the many considerations you should make when connecting to the internet.