RedVector RVLS-2798

CISSP: 16 - Access Control Attacks

CISSP: 16 - Access Control Attacks

1.5 hrs. Online Course

Level: Fundamental

Item#: RVLS-2798

SME: Tom Carpenter

This course focuses on access control attacks. We discuss the different techniques that attackers might use to get around access controls and what can be done to prevent those attacks. We also discuss the general concepts of identity provisioning and talk about the identity management processes by looking at the actual process of creating accounts and managing accounts. This course will help you to better implement solid access controls as well as help to prepare you for the CISSP exam.
Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • apply concepts found in the CISSP objectives 5.6 and 5.7
  • explain different access control attack methods and how to implement solid identity provisioning to help prevent attacks that can be used to circumvent access controls
  • describe attack methods, permission avoidance, prevention methods, and authentication hardening as well as good identity management concepts and processes