RedVector RVLS-2792

CISSP: 10 - Public Key Infrastructure

CISSP: 10 - Public Key Infrastructure

1.5 hrs. Online Course

Level: Fundamental

Item#: RVLS-2792

SME: Tom Carpenter

A public key infrastructure provides a solution to the creation, management, and destruction of certificates. This course is about understanding PKI and its practical processes. In this training, we learn about the components of PKI, what public key infrastructure provides, and the process of creating certificates.
Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
• have a better understanding of CISSP objective 3.9
• be familiar with the components of public key infrastructure such as certificates, public and private keys, and more
• have a grasp of the applications of PKI, including digital signatures and digital rights management (DRM)
• know how to install what is called a certificate authority and will be able to create and revoke certificates