RedVector RVLS-1673

Hacker / Security+ (SY0-401): Cryptography

Hacker / Security+ (SY0-401): Cryptography

1.25 hrs. Online Course

Level: Intermediate

Item#: RVLS-1673

SME: Anonymous

Traditional cryptography uses a secret key for encrypting and decrypting a message. This is also known as a symmetric key. In public key cryptography, the CA creates private and public keys using the same algorithm, but it functions asymmetrically. In the course, Cryptography, you will discuss public key infrastructures, certificate authorities, and certificate management. We will combine that with in-depth demos on PKI Installation, CRL, Certificate Enrollment, and CA Management. We will discuss the steps to create and manage a public key infrastructure, and the relationship between public key infrastructures and certificate authority, as well as both traditional cryptography and public key cryptography, the implementation of certificates, and managing certificates.