RedVector RVLS-1728

Network+ N10-006: 09-Networking Concepts and Theory

Network+ N10-006: 09-Networking Concepts and Theory

2 hrs. Online Course

Level: Intermediate

Item#: RVLS-1728

SME: Anonymous

Our course on, Network Concepts and Theory, is designed to help the student pass the CompTIA Network+ certification. This course will give an in-depth look at topics that include network terminology, different type of network styles, network models, and topology. The student will learn about the various network standards with focus on the Open System Interconnection Reference Model. From there this course will cover the concept of change management and its role in network concepts and theory. This course will conclude by covering the various processes and documentation that is used to ensure an organization continues to function in an orderly fashion, and will cover the various security practices that will help you when dealing with network devices and technology. This course will be paired with demos that give a real world example of the many concepts that will be discussed in the course.