RedVector RV-PKG743

CompTIA Network+ Certification Training (24 Hours)

CompTIA Network+ Certification Training (24 Hours)

24 hrs. Packages

Level: Intermediate

Item#: RV-PKG743

SME: Anonymous

This exclusive training bundle prepares you to take the CompTIA Network+ certification exam. The topics covered in this series will prepare you with the foundational and technical knowledge to design, configure, and manage any network. These courses will prepare you for the CompTIA Network+ certification exam, one of today’s most in-demand IT certifications.
The courses contained in this package are:
  • Network+ N10-006: 01-TCP/IP Fundamentals (RVLS-1720)
  • Network+ N10-006: 02-Network Infrastructure Services (RVLS-1721)
  • Network+ N10-006: 03-Understanding Network Devices (RVLS-1722)
  • Network+ N10-006: 04-Cables, Connectors, and Standards (RVLS-1723)
  • Network+ N10-006: 05-Understanding WAN Connections and Remote Access (RVLS-1724)
  • Network+ N10-006: 06-Monitoring and Maintaining Networks (RVLS-1725)
  • Network+ N10-006: 07-Installing, Configuring, and Maintaining Wireless LANs (RVLS-1726)
  • Network+ N10-006: 08-Network Security (RVLS-1727)
  • Network+ N10-006: 09-Networking Concepts and Theory (RVLS-1728)
  • Network+ N10-006: 10-Troubleshooting Networks (RVLS-1729)
  • Network+ N10-006: 11-LAN Infrastructures (RVLS-1730)
  • Network+ N10-006: 12-Advanced Networking Concepts (RVLS-1731)
  • Network+ N10-006: Test Me-CompTIA Exam Network+ (RVLS-2122)