RedVector RVLS-1873

Security+ (SY0-401): Network Design and Security Controls

Security+ (SY0-401): Network Design and Security Controls

0.75 hr. Online Course

Level: Intermediate

Item#: RVLS-1873

SME: Anonymous

Today’s threats and cyber intelligence have made it mandatory for us to use devices for protection. Threats can come from inside our network and the internet. This makes it so that a firewall alone is not sufficient. We need to design a secure network. In Network Design and Security Controls, you will learn the steps and the tools to designing a secure network. You will also learn of the many security devices that you have at your disposal, with an in-depth discussion on firewalls and their uses. Included in this course will be detailed demos on Firewall and Proxy, NAT, DMZ, and IDS-IPS.