Workplace Training: The Essentials

Use RedVector’s workplace training essentials courses and workplace safety training to ensure all employees have the knowledge, skills and support to perform their jobs safely and effectively. We know that happy, educated employees mean retained employees. In fact, studies show that approximately 40% of employees who do not receive adequate training end up leaving their post within just one year.

Key Workplace Training Topics

RedVector’s workplace training, including online sexual harassment training, workplace violence training, mental wellness training and more, helps keep work environments healthy, happy and conflict-free, while also reducing liability.

Refresher Courses Every Employee Should Take Annually:

  • Violence prevention and active shooter
  • Mental wellness
  • Sexual harassment prevention
  • Cybersecurity awareness
  • Time management and prioritization
  • Slip and fall prevention
  • Email communication
  • Social media best practices
  • Financial wellness
  • Ethics

Did you know?

“84% of employees have experienced physical, psychological or behavioral symptoms of poor mental health. Symptoms like depression can result in about five missed work days and 11.5 days of reduced productivity every three months, costing the U.S. 200 million lost workdays annually, resulting in $17 to $44 billion in lost productivity overall.” – Forbes
"A major research project by Middlesex University’s Institute for Work Based Learning found that 74% of workers felt they were not reaching their potential and wished they had received more job training.” –
"Telecommunications giant Motorola w calculated that for every dollar spent on staff training programs, they gained 30% in productivity within three years.” –
"A reported 92 out of 96 Fortune 500 CEOs stated that they took notice of the impact on their businesses from the various educational and development programs they were running.” –