Perks Play an Essential Role in Talent Wars

Engineering firms face stiff competition when it comes to attracting and retaining the best talent. Organizations must develop strategies that create happy cultures, ones that will make workers satisfied enough with their jobs that they feel some sense of loyalty to the organization. And word of company culture can travel fast to new recruits as they explore the possibility of working for your organization and research your company on sites like Indeed and Glassdoor.

Pointing to data from Robert Half Management Resources, a recent Fortune report explained that organizations are increasingly using perks to attract top talent and, as a result, are expanding the perks that they make available for existing staff members.

Perks can help you get ahead
Free gym memberships, work from home days and other perks can make a place attractive to work at. According to Fortune, the Robert Half study found that 40 percent of businesses are now more willing to discuss perks with employees than they were a year ago.

Employee retention is often the under-developed side of the talent war. Businesses trying to get ahead need to keep the skilled engineers they already have, or they will only fall further behind competitors. Elearning can play a critical role in this process.

Using eLearning as a perk
Career development is invaluable in the engineering community. With new technologies and regulatory requirements coming out all the time, staying ahead of these developments is necessary. Workers who want to advance their professional life can benefit substantially from eLearning, and organizations can use it as a perk.

How You Benefit From the Talent Wars (Even Without Changing Jobs)

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