MSHA Compliance Requirements

Please follow the steps below to comply with MSHA Part 46 Safety training requirements:

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Step 1:  Download Required Documents

MSHA requires that mines and mining professionals retain printed training plans and records of training.  Click the links below to download the required documents:

New Miner Training

Annual Refresher Training

Step 2: Complete Training Plan

Now that you have downloaded the compliance documents, fill out the Training Cover Sheet - Tab 1 of your Training Template

Fill it out completely with accurate information, including:  MSHA ID number, trainers, topics to be covered, estimated training times, training methods, and evaluation procedures.   

Step 3: Complete All Required Training 

MSHA requires the following training in addition to the training we provide:

Additional MSHA Required Training: 

  • New Miner
    • Mine tour
    • Review of site-specific hazards
    • Any other necessary in-person task training
  • Annual Refresher 
    • Training on “changes at the mine”

Complete all the training in compliance with MSHA's requirements. 

Step 4:  Complete Records of Training 

To officially record that training has been completed, fill out the Record of Training - Tab 3 of your Training Template and the MSHA 5000-23 Certificate of Training 

Once complete, print the Record of Training & MSHA 5000-23 Certificate of Training to be signed by a supervisor, manager or individual responsible for health and safety in the organization and keep on record.

Customer Support

If you have questions or need help, please contact Customer Support for assistance: