State Requirements

Pennsylvania Engineer CE Requirements

Keeping your engineering license often means fulfilling continuing education requirements and staying up to speed on new technologies and developments. Nearly forty U.S. states require continuing education for engineers to renew licenses.

License Renewal Information for Pennsylvania Engineers

24 PDH by September 30th of odd years

All 24 hours can be taken in online courses. The Board does not provide preapproval for any continuing professional competency activities, courses or providers.

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Pennsylvania Engineer Courses and Webinars

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Pennsylvania PE PDH Approval

A licensee who holds more than one license from the Board shall complete the required amount of continuing education to renew each license. A licensee who completes a continuing education activity applicable to more than one class of license may apply the credit to each license held by the licensee for which the course is applicable.

PA Board of Professional Engineers
One Penn Center 2601 North - 3RD Street, Harrisburg, PA 17120

Proof of Completion for Pennsylvania Engineer
Continuing Education

Pursuant to Section 4.5(f) of the Engineer, Land Surveyor and Geologist Registration Law (Act), it is necessary for each licensed professional engineer, land surveyor or geologist to maintain a log documenting the type of continuing professional competency activity claimed for PDH, The log must include the name of the sponsoring organization, the location and duration of the activity, the name(s) of the instructor(s) or speaker(s) and PDH earned for each activity. All licensees must maintain attendance verification records (kept in accordance with any requirements established by regulation) in support of any and all credits claimed for attended activities, should they be requested by the Board office.
Please be advised that, unless evidence of compliance with the Board's continuing competency requirements has been specifically requested by the Board office, a licensee’s documentation of completed continuing professional competency activities will not be reviewed by the Board, or the Board office, for the purpose of advising a licensee whether they have fulfilled their continuing professional competency requirements, or if a specific course or activity is considered acceptable. Additionally, the Board does not and will not maintain an ongoing record of a licensee’s completed activities.