RedVector JCOM-00039

2023 NEC Changes: Wiring Methods

2023 NEC Changes: Wiring Methods

1 hr. Online Course

Level: Intermediate

Item#: JCOM-00039

SME: Ryan Jackson

Did you know there are two new codes regarding wiring methods added to the 2023 NEC®? This interactive online course covers the changes to wiring methods in the 2023 National Electrical Code®. Articles covered in this course include Articles 320, 334, 336, 342, 352, 356, 358, 369, and 371. Article 320 covers armored cable (Type AC). Article 334 covers non-metallic-sheathed cables (Types NM and NMC). Article 336 covers power and control tray cable (Type TC). Article 342 covers intermediate metal conduit (IMC). Article 352 covers rigid polyvinyl chloride conduit (PVC). Article 356 covers liquid-tight flexible nonmetallic conduit (LFNC). And Article 358 covers electrical metallic tubing (EMT). Notable changes include the addition of Article 369, which covers insulated bus pipe (IBP) /tubular covered conductors (TCC), and Article 371, which covers flexible bus systems.
Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Explain the requirements for cables in attics as described in 320.23 
  • List the permitted uses of NM cable in 334.10 
  • Discuss the revisions in 334.24 for cable bending radius 
  • Describe why the allowances of 334.40 were expanded 
  • Recognize when 336.10 allows tray cable for services 
  • List the increased permitted sizes in 342.20 and 358.20 for IMC and EMT 
  • Explain the clarifications for Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC in 352.10 
  • Recall when 352.44 requires expansion fittings 
  • List the permitted uses in 356.10 for liquid-tight flexible nonmetallic conduit 
  • Discuss the new allowances for EMT in 358.10 
  • Recall what the new Article 369 covers 
  • Explain what the new Article 371 applies to 
Ryan Jackson Photo
Ryan Jackson is a combination inspector in the Salt Lake City, Utah, area. He began his career as a carpenter while in high school, and began doing electrical work at the age of 18. At the age of 23 Ryan landed his first job as an electrical inspector, and subsequently became certified in building, plumbing, and mechanical inspection, as well as building and electrical plan review. Two years after becoming an inspector, he was approached by a friend in the area asking him to fill in at an electrical seminar for him. After his first class he was hooked, and is now a highly sought after seminar instructor. Ryan has taught in several states, and loves helping people increase their understanding of the Code.


He has been involved in writing and editing over 25 books on the National Electrical Code, and has taught the subject in multiple states and for multiple colleges and universities. He is self-employed as an NEC® consultant and inspector.

When Ryan isn’t working, he can often be found in his garage turning wood on his lathe, in his basement exercising, or any quiet place where he can dive into a book. He is also a rabid University of Utah football fan. Ryan married his high school sweetheart, Sharie, and they have two beautiful children together: Kaitlynn and Aaron.
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