RedVector JRVIG-11495

Fire Systems: Life Safety Testing - Global

Fire Systems: Life Safety Testing - Global

0.33 hr. Online Course

Level: Fundamental

Item#: JRVIG-11495

SME: Roy Sidener

Today’s modern expansive high-rise buildings have one important thing in common - their populations can rise into the hundreds or thousands of people. The building standards address every aspect of fire protection to assure the highest level of life safety achievable, but can only be achieved with the help of the Facility Professional. This interactive online course will look at various aspects of Life Safety as it relates to building operations, population control, fixed fire protection systems and fire department intervention facilities. Understanding the systems under your responsibility as the Facility Professional is key to the proper maintenance of these systems. This course will review the interaction between systems and stress the importance of monitoring and testing regularly.
Course Objectives
By the end of this course, you will be able to: State the basics of Life Safety System inspections, according to the requirements of AHJ Identify the AHJ’s testing requirements and procedures for your facility Describe how the fire alarm system and the heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) control system, interact when a fire alarm is activated Recall the frequency of testing for your facility, in order to meet local applicable standards and requirements
Roy Sidener Photo
Mr. Roy Sidener has over 44 years of fire protection engineering experience in design and construction, which has given him the opportunity to interact with a broad spectrum of clients. His background, with over 150 clients, covers many sectors including risk assessment, loss prevention, fire and explosion incident investigation, design and document generation for fixed fire protection water supplies, special hazard clean agents and water based suppression systems and detection systems. Industry sectors include; K through 12 educational, university, municipal government utilities, institutional, automotive, medical, heavy industrial, chemical, nuclear, off-shore drilling, petroleum, Alaskan refinery facilities (pipe line), commercial and industrial site evaluation and improvement. In addition to his technical skills in all aspects of fire prevention and protection system design, Roy has experience in multidiscipline coordination, evaluation and application of UK standards, US federal, state and local building and life safety codes and standards as well as Factory Mutual recommendations and data sheet information. Since 1972 he has worked with local authorities, clients and fire insurance carriers achieving a compromise of system protection, economy and lawful code compliance. This requires years of experience and understanding of all aspects of today’s complex life safety and property conservation issues while balancing the business interruption consequences of a major fire incident. As a senior engineer, registered in the discipline of fire protection, Mr. Sidener has initiative, excellent organizational and public speaking skills with the ability to communicate technical issues and code rational while focusing on the overall goals of the project. Fire and/or explosion incident investigations over his career have included; lightning strike and fire, flammable liquids fires, boiler explosion, fired equipment gas train malfunction with pressurized fire, paint mixing kitchen fire, cooling tower fire, bag house fire, water damage from freezing conditions, commercial cooking incidents, air compressor malfunction with ignited oil leak, and food packaging factory fire.