RedVector OSHA10-031

OSHA 10 Hour Construction: Module 3A - Fall Protection

OSHA 10 Hour Construction: Module 3A - Fall Protection

1.5 hrs. Online Course

Level: Intermediate

Item#: OSHA10-031

SME: Dan Johnson, CSP (SFI Compliance Inc.)

This course has been discontinued
Each year, on average, between 150 and 200 workers are killed and more than 100,000 injured because of falls at construction sites. OSHA’s construction industry safety standard for fall protection 29 CFR,Subpart M, outlines systems and procedures designed to prevent employees from falling off, onto, or through working levels and to protect employees from being struck by falling objects. Here, we outline the basics and provide some “do’s” and “don’ts” for novices and those who need a refresher course.

OSHA recommends Outreach Training Program courses as an orientation to occupational safety and health for workers.  Workers must receive additional training, when required by OSHA standards, on the specific hazards of their job.
Course Objectives
Lesson Objectives: Fall Protection
Terminal Objective: Given current OSHA and industry information regarding construction worksite illnesses, injuries and/or fatalities, the student will be able to recognize fall hazards in construction. Specifically, the student will be able to:
Enabling Objectives:
  • Identify major fall hazards
  • Describe types of fall hazards
  • Protect him/herself from fall hazards
  • Recognize employer requirements to protect workers from fall hazards