RedVector RV-10801AW

Fixing A Boundary Line: Boundary Control & Legal Principles

Fixing A Boundary Line: Boundary Control & Legal Principles

1 hr. Online Course

Level: Intermediate

Item#: RV-10801AW

SME: Patrick C. Garner, P.L.S., Wetland Scientist

Fixing A Boundary Line reviews boundary control and legal principles for professional land surveyors. The course addresses and enumerates many of the legal principles that control the boundary location of real property. Land surveyors play a key role in interpreting and implementing these often confusing principles. This course is associated with another RedVector course by the same author, Boundary Disputes Between Adjoining Owners. Together the two courses provide an excellent overview of some of the most common boundary problems that professionals encounter, with insights into practical solutions. With an emphasis on adverse possession, the course examines legal principles, including prescriptive easements, estoppel, acquiescence, practical location and unwritten agreements. It further explores conditional boundary lines and parol agreements, which are part of unwritten agreements. From these principles the course develops protocols for the professional to follow when encountering difficult situations. It also lists key references to use when a good boundary line solution is seemingly out of reach. The course emphasis is on the surveyor as a professional, as one who uses well-established principles of law to knowledgeably resolve boundary disputes and unexpected challenges.
Course Objectives
At the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Examine in depth the many elements of adverse possession.
  • Review estoppel and its surprising causes.
  • Investigate the principles of boundary by acquiescence.
  • Analyze conditional and practical boundary determinations.
  • Evaluate the use (and discovery) of unwritten agreements, and
  • Review parol (verbal) agreements and their effect on boundaries.
SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT: Patrick C. Garner, P.L.S., Wetland Scientist
Patrick C. Garner, P.L.S., Wetland Scientist Photo
Patrick C. Garner is a Professional Land Surveyor in Massachusetts who has been in private practice for over 40 years. A Principal of Patrick C. Garner Company Inc., he frequently conducts technical seminars, does peer reviews for cities and towns, and works as an expert witness in Massachusetts courts. He also provides numerous active on-line continuing education courses through RedVector, many of which focus on legal, business and technical issues in land surveying.
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