RedVector RVBB-3281

Mastering Outlook 2016 Advanced

Mastering Outlook 2016 Advanced

3 hrs. Online Course

Level: Advanced

Item#: RVBB-3281

SME: Bigger Brains

From Time-Waster to Productivity Booster: Change the Way You Use Microsoft Outlook. Few things have greater impact on your productivity than the way you employ Outlook. Too many people waste time on unnecessary tasks that could be either managed automatically or handled in a fraction of the time – if the Outlook user just knew how to use the proper tools. This Course Teaches How To Make The Leap From Being A Mere User To Being An Outlook Master.
Course Objectives
By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Explain the different advanced characters and objects
  • Organize messages with groups
  • Find emails using the search bar
  • Use automatic replies
  • Create multiple calendars to increase productivity
In 2009, Bigger-Brains founder Chip Reaves was tasked with creating an online training platform for Computer Troubleshooters, a global franchise network. As is the case with most companies, some of the training content was unique to their business, but others (Quickbooks, Online Marketing, Microsoft Office, etc) could be used by many companies. Frustrated with the poor quality, high prices, and lack of selection in the eLearning marketplace, Chip brought together a team to research the characteristics of effective training. The result is Bigger Brains’ “Uniquely Engaging” teacher/learner format, which replicates the dialogue, interaction, humor, and personal connection of traditional classroom training with the “always available” convenience and searchability of eLearning. Today Bigger-Brains continues to create the “Absolute Best Online Training” from our studios in Anderson, South Carolina.