RedVector RV-PGM209

Virginia 2017 NEC 3 Hour CE Program #2

Virginia 2017 NEC 3 Hour CE Program #2

3 hrs. Program

Level: Intermediate

Item#: RV-PGM209

SME: Anonymous

Course Objectives

  • Describe the new rules for arc energy reduction
  • Explain the changes to the grounding of separately derived systems in 250.30.
  • Describe the changes to the requirements for intersystem bonding terminations in 250.94.
  • Explain the new column for wire bending space in Table 312.6A and in B
  • Describe the changes for power monitoring equipment installed inside of an enclosure
  • Describe the requirements for barriers that are installed in boxes in 314.16
  • Understand the changes for conductor ampacity in Article 310
  • Describe the listing requirements for cable wiring methods and the new support rules for them as well
  • Explain the new allowances for tray cable

Courses in this Package
State Licenses
VA - Electrician, Master (Codes - 2731003545)