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40 hrs. Online Course

Level: Intermediate

Item#: ETR-2200

SME: Larry Baylor

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Course Description
Our 40 Hour HAZWOPER Training Course has been designed for, and is required to be taken by workers that will potentially be exposed to hazardous substances.  This can include clean-up operations or operations involving hazardous wastes at facilities, and the storage, treatment, or disposal of hazardous substances, as well as emergency response operations.  This course, which is taken entirely online, was built in accordance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120, the standard for HAZWOPER training, and is continually updated to ensure relevance in today’s safety environment.
This fully narrated course is broken up into 10 parts.  There will be knowledge check quizzes throughout these parts to help keep the learner on pace.  These quizzes will prepare you for the final, which you will take at the end of the course.
After passing the final with a score of 70% or better, you will be able to print a personalized certificate with your name, the course you passed, the date taken, certificate number, as well as our company information should anyone need to verify the authenticity of the certificate.
Please understand that with any HAZWOPER 40 Hour training course, OSHA still requires (per 29 CFR 1910.120 (e)(3)(i)) that a student receive a minimum of 3 days actual field experience from their employer, under the direct supervision of a trained experienced supervisor.  Each job site is unique, and can present different hazards and equipment requirements. That is why many of our students who select this HAZWOPER 40 Hour online training, couple it with the site-specific field experience from their employer.
Course Objectives


  • Site Characterization and Control
  • Planning & Organization
  • Decontamination
  • Medical monitoring
  • Materials Handling
  • Emergency Response
  • Training
  • Hazard Recognition including Biological, Radiological, & Meteorological
Larry Baylor has been providing workplace safety training in the private sector for over 25 years. Previously has the president and owner of Environmental Training Consultants, Larry provided direct hands on classroom instruction to thousands of employees through over 150 corporate clients throughout the Midwest.

Having served as an expert safety consultant to Fortune 1000 clients, Larry has managed the development of numerous corporate safety plans as well as serving as on site safety officer. This has given him extensive knowledge of the safety requirements of a variety of different industries.

Prior to running Environmental Training Consultants, Larry worked as the assistant to the Director of Labor for the Illinois Department of Labor. In this role, Larry directly advised the Director of Labor and served as the superintendent and department head, overseeing 4 separate divisions within the IDOL. In this capacity, Larry also helped to produce the Illinois Labor Law Book, and provided consulting on Illinois labor laws and regulations.

Larry also served in The United States Navy, where he achieved the rank of Captain, serving as a commanding officer for operational intelligence, specializing in Middle East intelligence.

Currently, Larry serves as the Vice President of Content Development for eTraining, where he has helped to develop over 40 interactive safety courses covering US OSHA, EPA, and DOT regulations. He oversees content development by subject matter experts and has direct input and final approval on all safety and technical content throughout the curriculum.

Larry has a Bachelor of Science in Plant Industries from Southern Illinois University.
Course Reviews (10)
Did not like the voice of the woman narrating
By on Aug, 10, 2018
Did not like the voice of the woman narrating.
great job
By on Dec, 18, 2018
great job
It has some really great information
By on Mar, 21, 2018
It has some really great information.
it was good learning course
By on May, 01, 2018
it was good learning course
Course had lagging issues where slides would not load/play without a restart
By on Jul, 30, 2018
Course had lagging issues where slides would not load/play without a restart.
I liked how this course was user friendly, and very easy to use
By on Nov, 25, 2018
I liked how this course was user friendly, and very easy to use.
Needs to be updated
By on Oct, 19, 2018
Needs to be updated
Lots of repetitive content
By (Engineer, Water Operator) on Dec, 10, 2018
Lots of repetitive content
The Time In Course clock kept resetting itself back to previous times
By on Jan, 27, 2019
The Time In Course clock kept resetting itself back to previous times
That sucked
By on Oct, 01, 2018
That sucked