RedVector RVCT-1017

HAZWOPER Ionizing Radiation Safety

HAZWOPER Ionizing Radiation Safety

0.56 hr. Online Course

Level: Intermediate

Item#: RVCT-1017

SME: Convergence Training

Radiation is energy emitted from a source that travels through space in a straight line at the speed of light. We are surrounded by radiation. Sunlight, radio waves, microwaves, and cell phone signals are all forms of low-energy radiation. These types of radiation are considered non-ionizing radiation and are relatively harmless. Ionizing radiation is radiation in the form of particles or electromagnetic waves that have enough energy to remove electrons from atoms in materials they strike. This module will focus on ionizing radiation, which can be hazardous.
Course Objectives
• Define ionizing radiation • List and describe the different types of ionizing radiation • List the biological effects of ionizing radiation • Describe how radiation can be measured and list important exposure limits • Describe how to protect yourself against radiation • List guidelines for managing emergencies involving radioactive materials
SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT: Convergence Training
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