RedVector OSHA10-2

OSHA 10 Hour Construction: Module 02 - Electrical Safety

OSHA 10 Hour Construction: Module 02 - Electrical Safety

1.5 hrs. Online Course

Level: Fundamental

Item#: OSHA10-2

SME: Dan Johnson, CSP (SFI Compliance Inc.)

This course has been discontinued
OSHA’s electrical standards were put in place to help minimize deaths and injuries from dangers such as electrocution, burns, electric shock, fires, and explosions. This course module examines the main causes of different types of hazards and details precautions for preventing accidents. It looks specifically at the requirements of 29 CFR 1926, Subpart K – which covers the design characteristics of safe systems for use when installing and using electrical systems. 
OSHA recommends Outreach Training Program courses as an orientation to occupational safety and health for workers.  Workers must receive additional training, when required by OSHA standards, on the specific hazards of their job.
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Course Objectives

Upon completion of this module, students should be able to: 

  • Describe four types of injuries that can result from contact with electricity
  • Name at least three warning signs that an electrical hazard may exist
  • List at least five electrical hazards that may exist on a construction site
  • Describe at least three methods for protection from electrical hazards