RedVector RV-W121422

12/14/2022: LIVE INTERACTIVE WEBINAR, Ethics and Liability - The Unintended Consequences - Second Repeat Presentation, Thursday, December 14, 2022, 12:00 pm-1:00 pm Eastern

12/14/2022: LIVE INTERACTIVE WEBINAR, Ethics and Liability - The Unintended Consequences - Second Repeat Presentation, Thursday, December 14, 2022, 12:00 pm-1:00 pm Eastern

1 hr. Webinar

Level: Fundamental

Item#: RV-W121422

SME: Joel Blumenthal

This is a live, repeat presentation of a webinar that was originally offered on 08/25/2022 and 12/14/2022. Attendees of the previously offered presentations, RV-W082522 and RV-W121422, will not receive CEU for attending the 05/04/2023 presentation.
The design and use of products and services have always involved ethical considerations when evaluating liability risks. However, these considerations and risks are becoming more important and nuanced as the world becomes a smaller place and the need for differentiation and speed to market becomes more important. These changes have positively affected choices, but at the same time have increased liability risks and ethical considerations. Combined together, it is becoming increasingly important for designers and users to understand how products and services are used, where they are used, and by whom they are used. The consequences of having an incomplete picture can not only impact designers and users, but can also affect the safety and well-being of all stakeholders, especially the public.
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Course Objectives
At the end of this course, you will be able to: 
  • Define values, norms, morals, and ethics using existing definitions in order to evaluate liability and ethical considerations relating to product and service development and use. 
  • Identify primary, secondary, and tertiary stakeholders to evaluate how a product or service is intended to be used, how it actually may be used, who might be impacted by the product or service, and resulting design consideration (including marketing, sales, instructions, and labels). 
  • Identify cultural difference that affect how liability and ethics are interpreted, and determine which products or services are suitable for specific cultures based on risk assessment. 
  • Anticipate unintended consequences and identify associated risks with regard to liability and ethical decision making. 
  • Assess consequences for those stakeholders who might not come into direct contact with a product or service from a liability and ethical perspective in order to evaluate risks and viability.
Joel Blumenthal has over 35 years of experience with a wide range of technology based domestic and international organizations, with a focus on process instrumentation. His participation in the development and growth of a diverse group of publicly and privately held entities has afforded
Mr. Blumenthal a unique view of corporate functionality and allowed participation in a wide range of activities. Mr. Blumenthal began his professional career as a Technical Sales & Service Representative in the area of Specialty Chemicals.
Through his Chemical Sales and Service activities, Mr. Blumenthal was introduced to the world of Process Instrumentation where he eventually made a career move into areas of Technical Support, Product Development, Project Management, Marketing, and Sales.
Mr. Blumenthal was fortunate to have worked with pioneering companies such as Micro Motion and TBI, as well as well-established multi-national corporations such as Hercules, Emerson, ABB, and Endress+Hauser.
This portfolio of experiences afforded Mr. Blumenthal the opportunity to participate in business functions which included project management, product development, marketing, sales, logistics, compliance, and engineering.Some of his notable activities and accomplishment include: 
  • Introducing Density to the world of Coriolis flowmeters.
  • Helping develop the world's first sanitary Coriolis flowmeter - authorized 3A symbol holder.
  • Co-Task Committee 3A Chairman in charge of creating and establishing globally accepted sanitary design criteria for a range of electro-chemical analyzers.
  • The development of a number of sensor designs based on applications, industries, and cultural needs.
  • Creating the first pH voluntary consensus standard for the ASME-BPE.
Mr. Blumenthal obtained his Engineering degree from the University of Washington in 1982.In 2003 Mr. Blumenthal obtain his MBA from the University of Phoenix with a focus on Marketing.In 2018 Mr. Blumenthal obtained his Ph.D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences from Walden University.
Mr. Blumenthal is currently the Chair of the Comstock Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).He is also a member of the Mechanical Engineering Industry Advisory Council (IAC) at the University of Nevada Reno (UNR).Other activities include judging at FIRST Robotics Competitions, ASME-BPE participation as a task group leader and sub-committee member, an active member of several technical societies including ASME and ISA, working with economic development institutions in Northern Nevada, and membership in the National Society of Leadership and Success.Mr. Blumenthal has extensive experience as a lecturer and writer and has held teaching positions with the Washoe County School District and UNR.
Mr. Blumenthal’s overarching interest is in process instrumentation, the industries where they are applied, and the cultures of those industries.