RedVector RV-PGM257

WA - 2023 NEC Changes: General Requirements for Electrical Installations, Wiring Methods, Conductors, and Enclosures (PGM)

WA - 2023 NEC Changes: General Requirements for Electrical Installations, Wiring Methods, Conductors, and Enclosures (PGM)

2 hrs. Program

Level: Intermediate

Item#: RV-PGM257

SME: Anonymous

Part one of this vital article lays the groundwork for safe and efficient electrical installations. It serves as the cornerstone of electrical engineering and maintenance practices. This interactive online course covers the changes in Article 110 General Requirements for Electrical Installations in the 2023 NEC®. Sections covered include updates to Article 110.3 through Article 110.29. By the end of the course, learners will understand the critical regulations, best practices, and safety considerations outlined in NEC Article 110, enabling them to confidently design, install, and maintain electrical systems that meet the highest industry standards. 


Part two of this course covers some of the 2023 updates in the National Electrical Code®, including changes to Articles 300, 310, 312, and 314. These changes will address items such as protection against physical damage to wiring, underground installations, and the number of conductors in a raceway, as well as supports for enclosures and conduit bodies. We will also discuss outlet box installation and ratings, so get charged up on the updates to the NEC® here. 

Course Objectives

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the concerns of cybersecurity in the NEC in Section 110.3
  • Recall the requirements for terminations of dissimilar metals in 110.14
  • Recall the new requirements for maintaining electrical equipment in 110.17
  • Explain the requirements for removing listing marks in 110.21
  • Discuss the revised requirements for marking disconnecting means in 110.22
  • Explain the new section for equipment within sight of other equipment in 110.29
  • Discuss the damage protection requirements of 300.4
  • Explain the clarification for conductor length in 300.14
  • State the importance of exit stairways in 300.25
  • Discuss the allowances of copper-clad aluminum conductors in 310.3
  • Explain the clarification for 310.15 for rooftops
  • Explain the revisions in 314.16 for box fill
  • List the requirements for boxes supported by cord pendants in 314.23
  • Recall the rules in 314.27 for boxes that support ceiling fans

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