RedVector JCOM-00037

2023 NEC Changes: Overcurrent Protection, Overvoltage Protection, and Grounding and Bonding

2023 NEC Changes: Overcurrent Protection, Overvoltage Protection, and Grounding and Bonding

2 hrs. Online Course

Level: Intermediate

Item#: JCOM-00037

SME: Anonymous

Are you up to code? This interactive online course covers the changes in Articles 240, 242, 245, and 250 of the 2023 National Electrical Code®. In this course, we’ll discuss the protection of conductors, standard ampere ratings, listing requirements, selective coordination, interrupting ratings, location on-premises, and replacement trip units. Additionally, we’ll review objectionable current, explain the revision to impedance-grounded systems, and define impedance-grounded systems.
Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Discuss the overcurrent protection requirements of 240.4 
  • Explain why 10 ampere circuit breakers are now recognized in 240.6 
  • Identify the listing requirements of 240.7 
  • Recall the new selective coordination requirements in 240.11 
  • State the requirements for interrupting ratings in 240.16 
  • List the revisions to the access requirements of 240.24 
  • Recall the listing requirements for fuse reducers in 240.60 
  • List the requirements for replacement trip units in 240.89 
  • Discuss the prohibition of reconditioned equipment of 242.2 
  • State the indication requirements for SPDs in 242.9 
  • Discuss the scope of the new article 245 
  • Explain the clarifications to objectionable current in 250.6 
  • Recall the changes for impedance grounded systems in 250.36 and Article 100 
  • List the requirements for routing grounding electrode conductors in 250.64 
  • Discuss the changes for GEC terminations at electrodes in 250.70 
  • Explain the revisions for hazardous location bonding in 250.100 
  • List the instances where metal enclosures are allowed as the effective ground-fault current path in 250.109 
  • Recall the requirements for ice makers in 250.114 
  • List the changes for flexible stainless-steel raceways in 250.118 
  • State the allowances for replacement switches in 250.130 
  • Discuss the requirements for existing ranges and dryers in 250.140 
  • Explain the clarifications for the requirements for EGCs in enclosures in 250.148 
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AK - Electrical Administrator (National Electrical Code - 19571)
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KY - Electrician and Master Electrician (National Electrical Code)
KY - Engineer (General)
LA - Engineer (General)
MD - Electrician, Master (National Electrical Code)
MD - Engineer (General)
ME - Engineer (General)
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MN - Electrician (National Electrical Code - CRSE2310-0052)
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NC - Electrician, Special Restricted Contractors (General - CEC.05711)
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NC - Engineer (General)
ND - Engineer (Health, Safety & Welfare)
NE - Engineer (General)
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NH - Engineer (General)
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Accreditation: Vector Solutions is authorized by IACET to offer 0.2 CEU for this program.
OH - Engineer (General)
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OR - Electrician (Type J, S, PS) (Code Change (CC) - 24204533)
OR - Electrician (Type PJ, LR, LME, LEA, LEB, LRT & SIG) (Code Change (CC) - 24204533)
OR - Engineer (General)
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WA - Electrical Contractor (National Electrical Code - WA2024-081)
WI - Engineer (General)
WV - Engineer (General)
WY - Electrician, Master and Journeyman (National Electrical Code - WY-23-424C)
WY - Engineer (General)
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American Academy of Environmental Engineers - AAEES - Member (General)
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