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AR - 2023 NEC Changes: Chapters 4-7 (PGM)

AR - 2023 NEC Changes: Chapters 4-7 (PGM)

4 hrs. Program

Level: Intermediate

Item#: RV-PGM250

SME: Anonymous

Part one of this interactive online course covers updates made to general use equipment in the 2023 National Electrical Code. In this course, we’ll discuss revisions made to Articles 410, 422, 426, 430, 440, 445, 450, and 480. Notable changes include the addition of a new part to Article 410 addressing germicidal irradiation luminaires and new restrictions added to Article 440. Article 445 clarifies the requirements for the generator’s disconnecting means and reviews the signage requirements for the generator’s emergency shutdown device, and “transformer” is now defined and enforced through Article 450.


Part two covers some of the 2023 updates in the National Electrical Code, including changes to Articles 604, 625, and 680. We will be discussing manufactured wiring systems, electric vehicle power transfer systems, and swimming pools, fountains, and similar installations. These updates will help to keep you wired into the newest changes in the NEC.


Part three covers some of the 2023 updates in the National Electrical Code®, including changes to Articles 690, 705, 706, 722, 724, 726, 750, 760, and 810. We will discuss solar photovoltaic systems, energy storage systems, Class 4 fault-managed power systems, energy management systems, and more, so get charged up on updates to the NEC here.


Part four of this interactive online course covers changes to special occupancies in the 2023 National Electrical Code. Articles covered in this course include Articles 500, 502, 512, 517, 547, 555, and 590. Notable changes include the following items. New protection techniques and a table were added to 500.7, Protection Techniques. New Article 512 was added, covering cannabis oil extraction and preparation facilities. New requirements for replacing damaged equipment were added to 555.15, Equipment Replacement. A new requirement for an emergency disconnect for shore power was added to 555.36, Disconnects for Shore Power. And a new section for luminaires was added to 555.38, Luminaires.

Course Objectives

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

• Discuss the requirements for the disconnection of LED drivers in 410.71

• Recall the requirements for flexible cords in 422.16

• Recall the requirements for GFPE in 426.28 for snow melting and deicing equipment

• Describe the clearance requirements of 440.8

• List the requirements for the protection of live parts in 440.11

• Explain the clearance requirements of 440.14 • List the requirements in 445.18 for generator  disconnects

• Discuss the prime mover shutdown requirements in 445.19

• Describe the revised scope of Article 480 

• List the types of manufactured wiring systems in 604.100

• Recall how energy management systems can be used for EVSE in 625.42

• Explain the GFCI and SPGFCI requirements of 680.5 for pools and similar installations

• List the requirements for equipment in the corrosive environments indicated in 680.14

• Explain the requirements for swimming pool motors in 680.21

• Describe the equipotential bonding requirements for pool decks in 680.26

• State the requirements for bonding around the splash pads discussed in 680.54 

• Discuss the recognition of floating PV arrays in 690.4

• Discuss the evolution of line-side connections of interconnected sources in 705.11

• Explain the new disconnect requirements for some energy storage systems in 706.15

• Explain what a Class 4 system is in the new Article 726

• Recall the listing requirements for energy management systems in 750.6

• List the new requirements for load management in 750.30

• Explain why the title of Article 810 was changed

• List the allowable protection techniques in 500.7 and in the new Table 13 in Chapter 9

• Recall the allowances for coded raceways in 501.10 and 502.10

• List the requirements for pharmacies in 517.10

• Discuss the expansion of Part 5 of Article 517 in 517.70

• Recall the protection requirements in 555.35

• State when 555.36 requires an emergency disconnect for shore power

• Explain why the temporary wiring requirements of 590.8 were reduced 

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