RedVector RVLS-1678

Hacker / Security+ (SY0-401): Social Engineering

Hacker / Security+ (SY0-401): Social Engineering

1 hr. Online Course

Level: Intermediate

Item#: RVLS-1678

SME: Anonymous

Social engineering is the art of extorting employees for information. It can take the form of human-based or digital. In the course, Social Engineering, you will learn what social engineering is, who's at risk, and how to protect and educate your employees against social engineering. You will learn the importance of creating a security policy, and how to deal with the threat of human-based attacks from both outside and inside the company. You will learn what kind of risks computer-based attacks and social media present. We will couple this with in-depth demos on phishing emails how to use Social Engineering Toolkit: SET-web Template, SET-spear phishing, SET-trojan, and SET-SMS Spoofing.