Pass Guarantee

RedVector offers a Pass Guarantee on all training products purchased directly through RedVector. RedVector guarantees that a customer who uses RedVector training products to study for an exam will pass that exam the first time. If the customer does not, then RedVector will refund 100% of the money the customer paid to RedVector for training for that exam. Certain terms and restrictions apply.

Eligible Refund Amount

RedVector will refund the amount paid in a single transaction for training for a single certification exam. For individual products, the eligible Pass Guarantee refund amount is equal to the actual purchase price (not including taxes, shipping, handling or other associated fees) of the individual product(s) purchased in a single transaction. For the purposes of calculating eligible Pass Guarantee refund amount for a package, program or multi-unit bundle, the total purchase price of the training package or multi-unit bundle will be divided by the number of exams for which the package or multi-unit bundle provides training. For library programs and other programs that offer training for an unspecified number of exams, the expected total number of exams for which the program provides training shall equal four (4) per year of training provided with the program. The result of this calculation will be referred to as the Training Price Per Exam and will constitute the amount eligible for refund through RedVector's Pass Guarantee. For example, a Networking Unlimited Access Library with two years of access purchased for $3,000 shall have a Training Price Per Exam of $375 ($3,000 purchase price / (4 exams per year x 2 years of access)).

Refund Fulfillment

To be eligible for a Pass Guarantee refund, the customer must provide RedVector with official testing center proof of a failing score for the exam that corresponds with the training purchased from RedVector within this Terms and Conditions statement. The testing date for the failed exam may be no sooner than 30 days after and no later than 180 days after the original purchase date. Refunds will be made in the name of the original billing contact purchaser only. At the discretion of RedVector, refunds will be made either directly to the original purchasing credit card or via physical check mailed to the original billing address.

Payment Status

For orders that have been paid in full, Pass Guarantee refunds in the amount equal to the Training Price Per Exam will be dispensed by RedVector to the customer within four to six weeks of Pass Guarantee refund approval confirmation. In the event that the customer has a remaining balance on their training purchase, the Pass Guarantee refund will be subtracted from the remaining balance.

Product Life Expectancy

For the purpose of calculating RedVector refund amount for Continuing Access Program customers, the product life of RedVector products is assumed to be 24 months unless otherwise stated.

Time Calculation

The time of minimum usage, price proration, average product life expectancy and all other time-sensitive events, expressed, non-expressed or otherwise will be calculated in increments of one (1) month (30 days).

Redemption Limitation

Pass Guarantee not valid for multi-user licenses or volume purchases. Not valid on contracts with a total, non-recurring purchase price in excess of $5,000.00 USD or contracts with a total, combined recurring purchase value in excess of $8,000.00 USD.

Refund Application Deadline

All Pass Guarantee refund requests must be submitted in writing no later than 12 months after original purchase date.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Pass Guarantee void where taxed, restricted or prohibited by law. Pass Guarantee is non-transferrable. RedVector is not responsible for Pass Guarantee refunds unable to be delivered due to technical or logistical issues beyond control of RedVector. Pass Guarantee is not valid toward exam voucher purchases, shipping and handling fees, taxes, tariffs, wire transfer fees or any other fee associated with purchase other than RedVector training products. Pass Guarantee is limited to one (1) refund per household per lifetime and one (1) refund per purchase transaction. RedVector is not responsible for any changes, revisions or discontinuation of any certification exams. No credit if Pass Guarantee offer is refused. Pass Guarantee has no expressed cash or monetary value. Purchaser is responsible for costs associated with Pass Guarantee refund request submissions. Purchaser is responsible for adherence to all local customs, tariffs and duties. RedVector is not responsible for lost, stolen or otherwise misplaced training materials or Pass Guarantee refund request submissions.

Refund Request Instructions

You may request a Pass Guarantee "refund request form" from RedVector Customer Service here. Or, submit  Pass Guarantee correspondence, including refund requests to:

Help Desk
4890 West Kennedy Blvd,
Suite 300 Tampa, FL 33609