RedVector RV-PKG4033

24 Hour NJ Engineer (Civil) Discount Package

24 Hour NJ Engineer (Civil) Discount Package

24 hrs. Packages

Level: Intermediate

Item#: RV-PKG4033

SME: Anonymous

Save more than 15% with this package for New Jersey Engineers that satisfies the license requirements set by the NJ - Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors.  This package can be customized to fit your needs by contacting an educational advisor and selecting your courses from over 1,000 options for NJ Engineers.
To customize this package to meet your needs or learn about our AEC Pro Subscriptions with access to all these courses and more contact your Education Advisor by calling 1.866.546.1212. 
Courses in this package include:
  • Design of Utility Infrastructure - RV-11340AW
  • Water-Based Fire Suppression Systems - RV-11284
  • Building Design and Construction Features for Fire Protection - RV-11316
  • Reinforced Masonry Design - RV-11339AW
  • Energy From Waste - RV-11337AW
  • Green Landscape Design: Water Conservation in the Landscape - RV-11341AW
  • Effective Groundwater Supply Management - RV-11325
  • Essentials of Intelligent Transportation Systems - RV-11322AW
  • Essentials of Smart City Applications - RV-11321AW
  • Essentials of the Connected Vehicle - RV-11323AW
  • Unreinforced Masonry Design - RV-11324AW
  • Coastal Engineering: Tsunamis - RV-11200AW
  • Structural Masonry Materials - RV-11301AW
  • Existing Building Commissioning: Implementing Retrocommissioning on Your Project - RV-11300AW 
  • Green Street Retrofit - RV-11150AW 
  • Aquifer Remediation - RV-11285 
  • Ethical Decision Making - RV-10705AW