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Oregon Electrician 2020 NEC Changes: 2 Hour Program #1

Oregon Electrician 2020 NEC Changes: 2 Hour Program #1

2 hrs. Program

Level: Intermediate

Item#: RV-PGM198

SME: Anonymous

This is a two-part course which covers the 2020 NEC Changes.  Part One covers the changes in Articles 242 and 250 of the National Electrical Code®. The new article 242 contains the requirements for overvoltage, or surge, protection. Article 250 covers the grounding and bonding of systems and equipment. Notable changes include the creation of Article 242 and deletion of Article 280 and 285, a new section addressing the bonding of equipment on the line side of the service, specific requirements for aluminum conductors, limiting the role of rebar in the grounding electrode system, fixing an error about the sizing of bonding jumpers, reducing the identification requirements for equipment ground conductors, and providing relief for the sizing of equipment grounding conductors in certain applications.


Part Two covers the changes in Articles 300, 310, 311, 312, and 314 of the National Electrical Code®. Article 300 contains general requirements for wiring methods. Article 310 covers conductors rated 2,000V and less. New Article 311 covers conductors rated more than 2,000V. Article 312 covers cabinets, cutout boxes, and meter socket enclosures. Article 314 covers outlet, device, pull, and junction boxes; conduit bodies; fittings; and handhole enclosures. Notable changes include clarifying which fittings may be concealed, harmonizing building code and electrical code rules for stair enclosures, a complete rewrite of Article 310, a new article 311, specific rules for cable trays and enclosures used together, and major changes for boxes in the ceilings of dwelling units.
Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

·         Explain why Articles 280 and 285 were combined into Article 242

·         Describe the evolution of Article 250 since 2008

·         Identify some of the system grounding configurations that are allowed in the NEC

·         Explain why Article 310 was rewritten and explain the new requirements for Article 311

·         List the requirements for conductors entering enclosures from a cable tray

·         Discuss the rules for equipment in panelboard cabinets

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