RedVector RV-PGM205

Vermont Land Surveyor 8 Hour CE Program #2

Vermont Land Surveyor 8 Hour CE Program #2

8 hrs. Program

Level: Advanced

Item#: RV-PGM205

SME: Anonymous

This course has been discontinued.

Don Wilson presents a 3-part, interactive course covering court decisions, how they arose, and what are their limitations and applications.
Part 1 of this course presents four court decisions dealing with basic surveying procedures for land parcels. Topics discussed are property line location, evidence, lost & obliterated corners, legal principles and the resolution of particular problems.
Part 2 of this online course discusses the basics of boundary retracement. Discussion centers on following ancient boundaries, stressing the use, and correction of magnetic bearings.
Part 3 of this course includes seven significant cases in the area of boundary retracement. Basic procedures are outlined by the courts in these decisions.
Course Objectives
After completing this course, you will be able to:
• Explain the impact of agreed boundaries and public land on surveying land parcels
• Based on court cases, describe the significance of original corners, and lost vs. obliterated corners
• Illustrate the credibility of original surveys vs. resurveys
• Explain the importance and significance of field notes and parol evidence
• Basic retracement issues and conflicts
• Retracing original grants
• The order of priority for retracing deed calls
• When and how to use magnetic directions
• Old fences and acquiescence
• Dealing with errors in original subdivisions
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