RedVector RV-PKG744

CompTIA Server+ Certification Training (17 Hours)

CompTIA Server+ Certification Training (17 Hours)

17 hrs. Packages

Level: Intermediate

Item#: RV-PKG744

SME: Anonymous

This exclusive training bundle contains materials to prepare you to take the CompTIA Server+ certification exam (SK0-004).  The training provided will guide you on how to plan, secure, and maintain different types of server equipment you’ll encounter as an IT professional. This training will put you on the path to earning your CompTIA Server+ certification and advancing your IT career.
The courses contained in this package are:
  • Server+ (SK0-004): Configuring and Maintaining Storage Systems (RVLS-2757)
  • Server+ (SK0-004): Configuring Server Operating Systems (RVLS-2753)
  • Server+ (SK0-004): Installing and Configuring Servers (RVLS-2752)
  • Server+ (SK0-004): Network Configuration and Administration (RVLS-2759)
  • Server+ (SK0-004): Server Administration and Maintenance (RVLS-2754)
  • Server+ (SK0-004): Server Disaster Recovery (RVLS-2760)
  • Server+ (SK0-004): Server Security Essentials (RVLS-2758)
  • Server+ (SK0-004): Troubleshooting Server Problems (RVLS-2761)
  • Server+ (SK0-004): Understanding Servers (RVLS-2751)
  • Server+ (SK0-004): Understanding Storage Systems (RVLS-2756)
  • Server+(SK0-004): Test Me-CompTIA Exam Server+ SK0-004 (RVLS-2809)