RedVector RV-CPKG4058

8-Hour HAZWOPER Refresher

8-Hour HAZWOPER Refresher

8 hrs. Certificate Packages

Level: Intermediate

Item#: RV-CPKG4058

SME: Anonymous

This series of courses meets the 8-hour OSHA HAZWOPER annual refresher training requirement for workers at hazardous waste sites. While this set of courses is designed to meet OSHA's HAZWOPER annual refresher requirements, your employer must provide any other site-specific and job-specific training deemed necessary. This set of courses does NOT cover:
Incident Review Requirements – To meet OSHA's HAZWOPER incident review requirement, your employer must provide incident review training and any other site-specific and job-specific training deemed necessary by your employer.
Hands-On Training – Your employer is expected to provide hands-on training, have a qualified trainer available for questions, and determine what additional training is needed to satisfy your training program requirements.

  • RVCT-1016          overview
  • RVCT-1008          HAZWOPER Chemical Protective Clothing
  • RVCT-1009          HAZWOPER Chemical Protective Clothing Selection
  • RVCT-1010          HAZWOPER Confined Spaces
  • RVCT-1011          HAZWOPER Decontamination
  • RVCT-1012          HAZWOPER Emergency Response Plan
  • RVCT-1057          HAZWOPER ERG Introduction
  • RVCT-1013          HAZWOPER Hazmat Physical Properties
  • RVCT-1014          HAZWOPER Incident Command System
  • RVCT-1017          HAZWOPER Ionizing Radiation Safety
  • RVCT-1015          HAZWOPER Medical Surveillance
  • RVCT-1007          HAZWOPER Air Monitoring
  • RVCT-1021          HAZWOPER Release Mitigation
  • RVCT-1018          HAZWOPER Respirators
  • RVCT-1019          HAZWOPER Risk Assessment
  • RVCT-1020          HAZWOPER Safety and Health Program
  • RVCT-1002          HAZWOPER Site Control
  • RVCT-1022          HAZWOPER Toxicology

Course Objectives
The objective of this package is to obtain 8 hours of training on HAZWOPER topics
Courses in this Package